Getting Over Shyness (1 week) When Dating Hot Women

This is continuation of the series of the articles on “Dating Hot Women”.

Before you can hope to pick-up a hot woman, let alone date her, you’re going to have to get over your feelings of shyness. The logic behind this technique is simple: all women are irresistibly attracted to confident men. For this reason, it’s important to address your own confidence levels before proceeding any further.

Chances are you’ve been in a situation where you’ve felt as though you were king of the world. Maybe you won a spelling bee in third grade. Maybe you won a soccer trophy in middle school. Or maybe you won some kind of race or your team won some sort of championship in sports.

Whatever the situation, whatever the moment, close your eyes and relive that feeling of super-confidence. Even if you can’t really put yourself there now, just try to envision yourself going through that very scenario over and over again. Then, capture that moment in your mind. You’re going to become very familiar with it over the next few weeks.


The above is a visualization technique, and it’s used with much success in helping people cure debilitating shyness. By envisioning and actually feeling yourself in the situation where you feel ‘ten feet tall and bulletproof’, you can actually learn to relive those same feelings in any situation. But it’s going to take practice. And here’s how you do it.

Visualization Object

You’ll need an everyday object that you can carry with you at all times and one that will remind you of the situation above. Some like to use a rubber band and some like to tie a string around their finger. Some wear a special ring and some like to carry an object around in a pocket or wallet, such as a small rock or crystal, signifying a day when everything went right and nothing went wrong.

That’s the feeling you must transfer into this object. And you can do that by concentrating on the object. Wear it, put it in your pocket and pull it out often. Remind yourself of those same confident feelings several times per day for one week.

By the end of the first week, you should begin to feel much better. The thing is, you’re about to put your new found confidence to the test. After a week of practicing this visualization technique several times a day, you should be able to evoke those awesome feelings anytime you want. Now you just have to make sure you can do it in a laboratory setting.

Of course, the lab we’re referring to isn’t going to consist of a white room with people in white lab coats. Nope, your lab is going to be anywhere and everywhere you manage to venture to over the next week.

This could be the grocery store, the coffee shop, the gym, and anywhere else people hang out. Don’t worry, we’ll get to picking up and dating hot women soon. But first, you need to train. If you’re going to become great at picking up hot women, you’re going to have to treat this like a runner trains for a marathon, or like a fighter prepares for a fight.

The first step is overcoming your shyness with confidence. The next step is actually applying your confidence to the real world setting. The next article in this series will take you into the real world.

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