Pick-Up and Date Hot Women (1 Week)

If you made it here after four weeks of grueling lessons of approaching and speaking with drop-dead gorgeous women then congratulations are in order. You made it. Now you’re ready to actually go in for the pick-up, the first date, the relationship, sex, or whatever it is you’re after.

Up until this point, you’ve been asked to talk to women and then walk away. This time, you’re actually going to get something from the woman. That may be an email address, a phone number, or you may be able to pick-up the woman right there to go back to your place. But if you’ve done your homework so far, and you’ve trained just like a prize fighter who’s now ready to ‘bring it on’, you’ll be well-deserving of every phone number you get.

By now you should be used to evoking confidence whenever you want. After four weeks of practice, you’re used to getting women to talk about themselves and you’ve probably built up more than enough comedic material to make women smile and laugh. That means that, just from the sheer act of getting out there and interacting with various types of women, hot and not-so-hot alike, you’ve become a master at dealing with women.

Now it’s time to put that mastery to work. You’re going to do everything you’ve been doing for this next week, except you’re going to get as many phone numbers and email addresses as you’re able to.
How do you get those things? You simply ask for them.

After talking to so many different types of women and after dealing with hot women and even entire groups of very attractive women, you should be able to walk up to a woman that you consider to be super-attractive and still carry on a somewhat intelligent conversation. Hopefully, if you’ve done your visualization homework, you’ve become used to approaching hot women with ease.

When you approach an attractive woman, you simply ask her something about herself. Just be sure it’s nothing too personal. Keep it interesting and be sure it will lead into a way to keep her talking about herself.

Try to ask open-ended questions so that she’ll hopefully get on a long rant about herself, stuff she’s obviously been dying to get off of her chest, and that’s when you can use that opportunity to make her smile and laugh. Then, just when everything is going good, that’s when you should come right out and ask for the phone number/email address.

Be sure and watch for the conclusion of this series of articles on “Dating Hot Women” tomorrow.