Talk To Any Woman So You Can Build Your Confidence In 1 Week

This is another article for teaching yourself to talk to the “Hot Women Of Your Dreams”.

By now, you should be able to bring up those feelings of confidence anytime you want. Now you’re going to test those feelings in the real-world setting. That means you’re going to have to venture out to various locations around town.
You should go to:

  • Coffee Shops
  • The Local Gym
  • Grocery Stores
  • Clothing Stores
  • The Mall
  • The Gas Station
  • And Anywhere Else Women Hang Out

The fact is, you can’t go too many places without bumping into a woman at some point. So, you’re going to practice on them. Any woman will do for this week’s lesson. This is all about learning that talking to women really doesn’t have to be scary. Young, old, thin, fat, tall, short, ugly, pretty – it doesn’t matter. Just make it a goal to begin talking to them on some level.

If you do manage to find a really hot woman and you want to talk to her, by all means try it out. You may find that you need a bit more work for the level of women you’ll soon be picking up, however.
Remember, to become an expert at anything, you must build up a solid foundation of the basics. That means you must practice the fundamentals until you become a master at them, and then you can call yourself an expert. And you will become an expert of picking up hot women. But first, you need to get used to talking to women.

So, whenever you see a woman standing alone or going about her business in the next week, you’re going to talk to her. But you’re not just going to talk. You’re going to have three primary goals in mind before you begin.

Goals When Talking to Women

Goal 1: Get her talking about herself.

Women love talking about themselves and if you get good enough at it, she’ll drop her guard. Ask her about her job, her family, what she did that day. Ask her where she got that unique looking bracelet, or where she bought her car. Any questions that get her to go into a long story about herself will do. This will lower her guard and she’ll start to become more familiar and comfortable with you.

Goal 2: Get her to laugh or smile.

The more she laughs or smiles, the more she’ll become attracted to you. You can gently tease her, you can make a funny comment about the situation you’re both in or you can tell her a joke. Just don’t turn into Rodney Dangerfield or Seinfeld in front of her.

Instead, weave the funny into the normal conversation (in between getting her to talk about herself) and you’ll do fine. If you’re not a naturally funny person, read books on comedy until you get the timing down and you’re able to evoke a laugh from her with little effort.

Goal 3 will be in more detail and will be published in the next article in this series.