Talk to Hot Women (1 Week)

By this point, you should be really starting to get used to talking to women. You should also be getting really good at making yourself feel confident in any situation. If you’ve faltered on either lesson, as in you didn’t do any of it, go back and start over.

Again, think what would happen if a fighter only trained for a week before he got into the ring with a first-rate killer? It probably wouldn’t turn out very good for that fighter. If you’re serious about picking-up and dating hot women, you must put your all into this. It’s not like there’s any exercise involved. All you’re doing is thinking and talking. Anyone can do that.

Ok, enough scolding. This week you may encounter some bruising – ego bruising, that is. You never quite know how you’re going to react when that flood of cortisol flows through your body when you approach a very attractive woman. That sense of panic, that ‘fight or flight’ feeling can really mess with your brainwaves and it can turn you into a downright stuttering moron. But you’re going to overcome those feelings with practice.

Just like in the previous lessons, you’re going to use your visualization object and you’re going to use your three primary goals: Get them to talk about themselves, get them to smile or laugh, and then you’re going to walk away.

Don’t Get Discouraged

If you started completely from scratch, (as in, you’ve never had success with hot women before in your life) then this lesson may be the hardest one yet. Just getting up the nerve to walk up to a hot woman can be incredibly unnerving.

But know this: To pick up hot women, you don’t need:

  • Lots of Money
  • A Fancy Car
  • A High-Paying Job
  • Or Anything Else Tangible

The only thing you need to pick-up and date hot women is confidence. And you’ve already got that part down with your visualization object. With the ability to make yourself feel like a king, even for a just a few minutes, you’ll be able to muster up what it takes to attract hot women, no matter what you look like, what you drive, where you live or anything else about you that you think holds you back.

Really good looking women will be attracted to you because you’re confident, bottom line. If you can get a hot woman to talk about herself, and you can be funny while you’re doing it, while remaining confident at the same time, you’ll see how easy it is to attract and date extremely attractive women.

Those three things alone are what every hot woman wants and doesn’t usually get. In fact, most of the really attractive women find that they meet stuttering, nervous men who are somewhat intimidated by her. Don’t be one of those guys and she’ll notice immediately.

Practice this lesson for one week, even if you fall flat on your face and you embarrass yourself in front of a room full of people. When that happens, learn from it, get back up, dust yourself off and keep going.
Treat this like a competition, like a match or a fight. Train as hard as you can, and as often as you can, and soon you’ll have hot women eating out of the palm of your hand. But first you must learn the basics. You must take your licks.

So for one week, talk to any hot woman you see, use the visualization object to create a boost of confidence and use the first two goals to keep the conversation going. Then, just walk away. If you fail more than you succeed, don’t worry. That just means that you’re still learning.

And you’ll need that learning and experience for the next week, which will be the most challenging week yet. Look for tomorrows article on the steps you need for dating hot women.